Friday, June 8, 2012

E3 2012: Jaffe to Work with Respawn Entertainment?

As we scoured the show floor at this year's E3, we ran into an old friend of ours, God of War director David Jaffe.

Jaffe, who recently left the studio Eat, Sleep, Play, who was responsible for the latest Twisted Metal, mentioned that he was interested in working on a first-person shooter, and said he saw first-hand what the duo of Vince Zampella and Jason West were doing at Respawn Entertainment.

"I love shooters, and with the recent fluff of Call of Duty games, I have to say I was quite intrigued when I saw what the guys at Respawn were doing with their first project," he said.

"With my recent departure from Eat, Sleep, Play, you may see a few surprises in store from me...maybe even with Respawn."

While it's unconfirmed at this point where Jaffe will make his next move, it would be an interesting match to see him join up with Respawn Entertainment.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Analyst: Resistance 3 to sell 15 million, Battlefield 3/Modern Warfare 3 to sell 3 million combined

The local supermarket clerk in my neighborhood also happens to be a video game analyst: imagine that! He was talking numbers with me, and believes that Insomniac Games' Resistance 3 will easily sell more than 15 million copies, while games like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 will sell around 3 million combined.

He also happens to be an avid PS3 fan.

Resistance 3 will Topple both Battlefield 3/Modern Warfare 3 for best online shooter

There are quite a few online shooters coming out this fall, with Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 at the forefront. However, there's one that hasn't been in the limelight too much yet is actually the better of the titles releasing this year--Resistance 3. Resistance 3 may not look like a high-stakes contender, but it will surely topple both Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 this year, and here's why.

  • It's humans vs. aliens- Human on human combat is so 2007, and one thing that Resistance has going for it is that its a shooter revolved around humanity's fight for survival. There is such a small market for alien invasion shooters, and Resistance 3 perfectly fills the void.
  • Cooler Guns- M4A1 Carbine?! Pffftt!!! How about a Bullseye rifle that can track enemies? How about a gun with a huge scope that can hit targets at vast distances?
  • Has a better New York- Resistance 3's take on a 1950s New York is way better than what Call of Duty is trying to accomplish with its Hollywood blockbuster spinoff. 
  • Has Create-A-Class- Another feature that Resistance 3 has, allowing the player to truly make the experience of playing online their own.
  • Releases earlier- September 6, 2011
Resistance 3 is set to take the crown this fall; will you help it get there?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Report: "GoldenEye Reloaded" is GoldenEye 64 HD, Will be Downloadable

As with our breakout post about Metal Gear Solid churning out an HD collection, we were given a tip from an industry insider today that claims the upcoming Activision GoldenEye game--currently dubbed "Reloaded"--will in fact be an HD upgrade to the original N64 hit. The game is said to include 1080p visuals with the option for the original N64 resolution, and online multiplayer.

The game will also be a downloadable title for the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network and is currently said to cost $19.99.

This certainly strays away from the common conception that the game was going to be an HD upgrade to last year's Wii title. However, while the insider who tipped us is certainly credible, we still have to see what announcement Activision will make in the future.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Killzone 4 in "early concept development"

When we broke the news about the MGS HD bundle being released before any other sites, it caused a slight uproar.
Well, here's for another.
One of our sources has confirmed that Guerrilla Games has just started work, mainly concept ideas, for Killzone 4 but the game won't be officially announced until E3 next year, when Sony will possibly reveal details about its PlayStation 4 console.

Our source said, "The guys at Guerrilla were given a break after the Killzone 3 development, some time to refresh, and work on Killzone 3 patches and content, but also to get a much needed breather.  I just spoke with one of the guys on the development team, and he confirmed that Killzone 4 has now entered early concept development, but Sony's giving them a lot of time with this one, apparently not planning on anything "official" to announce/show until next year's E3."

Hopefully whatever ideas the guys had already thought of, work out well for the next game in the series!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mark Rein Comments on Valve's Wii U Support

Mark Rein, the small guy over at Epic that has made a few waves with statements, just said via the famous Twitter, "Valve likes the WiiU -- the idea of having full Steam support on WiiU excites me quite a bit!  Valve rocks!"

Is this a sign of Nintendo possibly patching relations with Epic in the future?  Who knows, but at least it was a positive comment about a Nintendo system from a guy at Epic...hold on tight Nintendo fans, there is hope!

Source: Twitter

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Destructoid = Trash Journalism

Destructoid.  Fanboys love it, fanboys hate it.  Fact of the matter though, Destructoid is trash "journalism" in our opinion.  Why is Destructoid trash "journalism"?
1) They steal stories, or "tips", and do not properly source them...that's trash.  Stealing the work of other people is something we have come to expect from the government, but not gaming sites.  Then again, this is 2011 and honesty is meaning less and less with "blogs", and looking at the content Destructoid provides, or doesn't provide we should say, why should people expect honesty from a site like that?

So, this week's "Trash Journalism" video game award goes to Nick Chester and the crew he commands over at Destructoid.  Congratulations for being a failure and a trash site!