Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Destructoid = Trash Journalism

Destructoid.  Fanboys love it, fanboys hate it.  Fact of the matter though, Destructoid is trash "journalism" in our opinion.  Why is Destructoid trash "journalism"?
1) They steal stories, or "tips", and do not properly source them...that's trash.  Stealing the work of other people is something we have come to expect from the government, but not gaming sites.  Then again, this is 2011 and honesty is meaning less and less with "blogs", and looking at the content Destructoid provides, or doesn't provide we should say, why should people expect honesty from a site like that?

So, this week's "Trash Journalism" video game award goes to Nick Chester and the crew he commands over at Destructoid.  Congratulations for being a failure and a trash site!

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